Landscape Maintenance

IMG_00000094We are motivated to exceed your expectations for total satisfaction; It is the HortiCraft addiction!”

We offer comprehensive and worry free landscape maintenance services, from a one-time visit to a complete seasonal program. We provide these maintenance services to clients of residential and estate homes, multi-residential condominium corporations, as well as commercial properties owners.

Ongoing care and monitoring of your landscape are essential to ensure the health, balance and longevity of your investment. A short sighted approach will result in a landscape that depreciates over time. Therefore, long term strategies must be developed to ensure that as the landscape matures, the appropriate care is being provided.

Each property has its own characteristics and its own specific needs. That’s why we want to clearly understand the scope of work and our client’s expectations. With our horticultural background, our utmost attention to detail and our team of dedicated professionals, we will provide you with a maintenance program allowing your landscape to appreciate to its full potential. To achieve this we employ best management practices with environmentally friendly solutions. The end result is an environment that will enhance the quality of your life combined with curb appeal and client value.

Our recommendations for improvements are mostly and graciously accepted. Naturally we keep you informed along the way. We also understand the need to be accessible at all times. An unexpected required site visit due to an emergency or for a special occasion is dealt with immediately. At HortiCraft Landscaping Inc. we guarantee excellence in workmanship, uncompromising in service, all at a fair price.

We would be delighted to add you to our list of long-standing valued customers and invite you to draw on our knowledge, experience and reliability by enlisting our services.

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