To ease uncertainty, HortiCraft Landscaping Inc. offers an all inclusive, hassle free, 2 year warranty on all material and labour supplied and installed with the following exceptions:

Plant Material: Plant material that has not been cared for properly such as water deficiency, overabundance of water, compaction, and/or animal damages. High risk plant material such as birch, schubert cherry, rhododendrons, roses, grasses, perennials, vines, herbs, ground cover, sod and seed, annuals and water plants will be warranted within the season they are planted.

Pre-cast Pavers & Natural Stone: Damage caused by salt or other ice melt products. Use of these products will prematurely deteriorate your job.

Water Features & Irrigation: Water features that have not been opened or closed properly.

Wood & Decking Products: Shrinkage, cracking, fading of colour.

Lighting: Wiring that has been damaged in any way and the replacement of bulbs and fuses.